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Give Your Child a Summer to Remember

Write & Record Songs at the Best Music Camp Around!

(Even if your child has never played or sang a note)

Write and Professionally Record 2 Songs and 1 Music Video at Our Summer Camp!

Even if your child has never played or sang a note, our summer camp offers them the chance to learn how to write and record music and then enter a recording studio just like the pros...

...and he or she will do all of this and much more within only one week!

Many people are skeptical when they hear this. But when you take a bunch of young, eager minds and combine them with our extensive experience in producing original hits within the recording industry, our campers are able to come up with something pretty amazing, like what you see in the video below.

This video is from a song written and recorded by our students in a past summer camp. It was also storyboarded and shot by these young musicians – all within just one week!

See more of our videos from our past summer camps.

Why Kids Love Our Summer Music Camp

Our music camps are very different from other summer camps. When kids come to one of our camps, they learn to work on something they truly enjoy – something that is uniquely their own. And they grow while being surrounded by dynamic, talented teachers and friends.

Every year we find that our young campers:

  • have a blast as they create their own original music in a professional recording studio while making many new friends.
  • grow in confidence while developing their creative, collaborative, and communication skills. 
  • learn to overcome shyness and fear of failure as they share and express their own ideas while producing music.

Designed for Your Child’s Needs

Whether your child is new to music or an aspiring recording artist, our camps will meet his or her needs. Please see our camp packages for more information.