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About Our Music School

Imitating great artists who’ve come before you is a valid way to become a good musician. But where do we go from there?

I have always been inspired by the idea of creating something new or original.

I have been blessed to be mentored by Grammy winning talent. Jazz legend Ellis Marsalis taught jazz arranging at my school where I learned techniques of the great jazz musicians of the twentieth century.

While the knowledge alone was great, I always had an eye on what I was going to do with the new skills I developed. I could hardly wait to get into the studio to see what would result in applying this newfound musical artistry.

After college, I had the great opportunity of working for rock legend, John Rollo (Whitney Houston, The Kinks, Wyclef Jean...etc.) and his team of Grammy winning engineers. My diligence paid off and I was quickly made a partner in his independent artist development firm.

I love looking forward to new adventures and creating new sounds, so it is no wonder that I got into the business of developing artists – writing and producing endless material until we got something worthy of major label releases – before I opened The Original Music School (OMS).

When I had first thought about creating The Original Music School, I thought of it as an antidote to the many programs teaching kids to play their parents’ favorite hits without really teaching kids music. 

“My vision has always been to provide a solid college prep musical education, including a structured program where students could apply that knowledge to the creative process of songwriting and producing records.” — Anthony Vitale, Owner & Founder

The other aspect of my vision for OMS was to get kids to have fun playing real music faster than others and before lessons became a boring chore. I’m happy to say that we’ve accomplished these goals within our Guaranteed Musician Program. In these courses, students learn a year’s worth of lessons in just three months, and they learn to perform with other students immediately.

We've also designed our summer camps to give kids a real taste of what it’s like to write, jam, rehearse, record and produce their own music – much like what professional musicians do in the music industry. Within one to six weeks, depending on which camp a student chooses, invaluable lessons beyond music are taught that bring about real change in our students’ lives. For example:

  • Kids learn to overcome fear and shyness while pitching and developing their song ideas with staff and their band members.
  • They learn to build their creativity – as methodically as they can build their biceps at a gym – through the methods we teach in our camp and group songwriting sessions.
  • And they learn to be part of a group and even sometimes lead a group, thereby learning to make new friends and build positive relationships – an invaluable skill for life and in business.

Even though only 5 – 10% of our students go on to major in music in college or become professional musicians, all of them reap the benefits of many important life skills taught at our school, which often prove to be the most valuable lessons learned from our classes.

“At OMS, we offer a uniquely designed curriculum where students are given the structure they need to be creative and the freedom they need to become true creatives. Our goal? To develop the next generation of critical thinking, inventive and charitable people.” — Anthony Vitale, Owner & Founder

Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn more about The Original Music School. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our summer camps, music lessons, or anything else related to our school or music.

Anthony Vitale
Owner & Founder of The Original Music School